On Saturday April 4th, 2009 Clay County Fire Rescue conducted a live fire training burn for the current volunteer firefighters in the training program. In addition to volunteer firefighter students, career and volunteer firefighters from Stations 13, 14, 15, and 22 participated in the training event. Several chief officers were also on hand to supervise and lead
the training event.

The acquired structure was located on Eagles Hammock Blvd in the Clay Hill area. These live fire training burns using acquired structures provides invaluable experience to fir firefighters who participate in the training. Additionally, it saves the property owner in demolition costs, as most of the structure is consumed in a fire after all of the training burns are completed.

For more information on the volunteer firefighters of Clay County please go to www.claycountyfirerescue.com.


Editor's note: As more pictures are submitted, they will be added to this section. Clay County Sounder fully supports the professionals who at times place themselves in harms way to protect and serve their communty, and are there in our greatest time of need.

Thank you Clay County Fire Rescue.