Middleburg Martial Artists Brought Home 16 Medals From World Championship Tournament
August 30, 2012, MIDDLEBURG, FL. - More than 20 martial artists who train at Middleburg Martial Arts competed during The World Tang Soo Do Association’s World Championship (WTSDA) held in Greensboro, NC. More than 1,600 competitors vied for medals at the 14th WTSDA Championship event, held every two years. Representatives from 34 countries gathered for the tournament. Master Jan Lappin, fourth-degree black belt and head of Middleburg Martial attended this year’s event.

“I am proud of all 22 of our competitors,” said Lappin. “We were competing against the best in the World and I am thrilled that our studio won 16 medals.”

The following is a list of medal winners:
· Joey Lappin 2nd Sparring, 3rd Weapons
· Jarrett Manzi 2nd Weapon, 3rd Sparring
· Anne Bono 3rd Weapons, 2nd Sparring
· Johnny Chiovaro 2nd Forms, 3rd Sparring
· Dot Blanchett 1st Weapons, 3rd Forms
· Brian Gourlay 3rd Sparring
· Taylor Nolan 3rd Weapons
· Kimber Griffin 1st Sparring
· Kelby Griffin 1st Sparring
· Sarah Smith 2nd Sparring
· Kayla Smith 3rd Sparring

This year’s Championship had a somber tone and a very special meaning. The Association lost its founder, Grandmaster Jae C. Shin, just 11 days prior to the event’s commencement. With heavy hearts, the Championship got underway on Friday, July 20. On Sunday, July 22, the group celebrated the grand opening of the new World Headquarters in Burlington, NC. After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a memorial service for Grandmaster Shin was held. There were thousands of students and their families in attendance.

front row; L-R Kelby Griffin, Strider Bono

2nd row; L-R Taylor Nolan, Dot Blanchett, Kimber Griffin, Kayla Smith, Mara Bono, Johnny Chiovaro

3rd row; L-R Sarah Smith, Mathew Ranck, Master Lappin, Anne Bono, Rachael Lappin

|About Middleburg Martial Arts

Middleburg Martial Arts offers instruction and training in Tang Soo Do as well as Mixed Martial Arts, Quik Fit, Ki Gong, and tumbling classes, and after school and summer camp programs. Headed by Master Jan Lappin (Sah-Dan, fourth-degree black belt) and a staff of expert instructors. Middleburg Martial Arts is a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association, and is certified through them. Middleburg Martial Arts is committed to a “whole person approach” so the leadership and personal development skills they teach improve the students and their community. Middleburg Martial Arts produces leaders in life as well as in martial arts.

For more information, please contact Dot Blanchett, Program Director, Middleburg Martial Arts at 904-291-1335 or by email at middleburgma@aol.com

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