Middleburg Martial Arts Raises Money for
Clay County Schools
April 10, 2012, MIDDLEBURG, FL. - Four Clay County Schools received more than $1,500 raised through Middleburg Martial Arts’ community outreach program. Master Jan Lappin, fourth-degree black belt and head of Middleburg Martial Arts, taught a three-part community outreach program at Middleburg High, Middleburg Elementary, Coopergate Elementary and Lake Asbury Elementary.

More than 100 students participated in the series which included programs focused on respect and discipline, stranger danger and basic self defense. The funds raised from student enrollment fees were donated back to the school by Lappin. As with all students at Middleburg Martial Arts, the students who participated in the community outreach program learned the importance of confidence, discipline and respect in addition to self-defense techniques.

“Our program teaches more than kicking and punching,” said Lappin. “We teach self confidence, discipline and respect, among other important life skills.”

Lappin’s community outreach program helps bring awareness to the importance of being a high-performing student. More than 80 percent of the students at her studio maintain A or A/B honor-roll status, have above average confidence when compared to their peers and spend more hours volunteering in the community.

In addition to her martial arts training, Lappin holds a degree in psychology which allows her to approach martial arts training from a slightly different perspective than other martial arts trainers. She understands the importance of improving student confidence and building a better community. Her program tackles tough topics such as bullying, stranger danger and women’s self defense.

“Crime is a fact,” Lappin says. “I want my students to be prepared to protect themselves, but I also want my students to channel their energy into more productive goals, such as bettering themselves and building a better community.”

World-wide, statistics show that students in martial arts programs, learn to become more involved. They learn to raise their hands and ask questions, they learn how to focus their energy but most of all, they learn to set goals such as striving for their next belt level.

The curriculum offered by Middleburg Martial Arts includes goal setting, character building, organization, and other important life skills.

“At Middleburg Martial Arts, we are proud to produce leaders in life as well as in the martial arts,” Lappin said.


About Middleburg Martial Arts

Middleburg Martial Arts offers instruction and training in Tang Soo Do as well as Mixed Martial Arts, Quik Fit, Ki Gong, and tumbling classes, and after school and summer camp programs. Headed by Master Jan Lappin (Sah-Dan, fourth-degree black belt) and a staff of expert instructors. Middleburg Martial Arts is a member of the World Tang Soo Do Association, and is certified through them. Middleburg Martial Arts is committed to a “whole person approach” so the leadership and personal development skills they teach improve the students and their community. Middleburg Martial Arts produces leaders in life as well as in martial arts.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Master Lappin, please contact Tonya Ringgold, Ringgold Consulting at 904-813-6471 or TonyaRinggold@yahoo.com or Dot Blanchett, Program Director, Middleburg Martial Arts at 904-291-1335 or by email at middleburgma@aol.com

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